ComfortCare Women’s Health’s HEART program offers a variety of options to guide you through the healing process.
Take a look at the options below to decide what best fits your needs.

Faith Based or Non-Faith Based Curriculum

It’s your story.

It is our hope to create an environment and offer you a forum that gives you a safe and confidential place to share and process that story.  We utilize various studies as our primary source to assist you in navigating the healing process.  Some of those studies incorporate Scripture and some do not, but all of them touch on the reality that any healing journey affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  How much you choose to engage in each of those spaces will be personal.  We are happy to talk through each study with you during an intake appointment to help you identify the best fit.

The studies offered include:

Forgiven and Set Free by Linda Cochrane
This study is an 8-week study, written by a woman that has walked through a past abortion decision and found healing and freedom from previously held guilt and grief.  Linda incorporates Scripture into this study as a guide through feelings such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, and more.



The Power of Your Story by Rob Fischer
This study is an 8-week study, with each session portraying a real woman’s post-abortion story and using it as a guide to walk through correlating emotions that you may also be experiencing.  This study acknowledges the healing found for many regarding God and faith and thus, will incorporate such a discussion.  However, Scripture is not tied into this study and is not the primary emphasis of the content.



Transforming Your Story by Wendy Giancola
This study is a 9-week study, written by a post-abortive woman that offers a path to healing and recovery.  Wendy shares practical tools and options for working through anger, grief, and shame as well as Biblical stories that talk about restoration and give a forum to explore your story.  In addition, she shares personal stories, journal prompts, and prayer guides to utilize as you personalize your path to healing.


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phone: 540-290-5327

All contacts are strictly confidential.

Meeting options 

In Person or Telehealth

What works for you and your schedule right now? We realize that life requires flexibility and we are happy to work with you in finding the right forum to fit your needs. Our encouragement: don’t let “how” we meet prevent you from starting this important journey.

Group Meetings or 1:1 Meetings

These options speak to someone who is just starting the healing journey, as well as those that have already walked through those initial steps of their journey. 

For women who are looking for a place to start, our studies can be offered in a group of post-abortive women or in meeting with an individual facilitator. If you are uncertain, please contact us and arrange an intake appointment and introduction to the HEART program.  Together, we can help identify the best resources and fit for you.

If you have previously done a post-abortive study or counseling, but want to stay connected and be encouraged by a group of women that understand what it means to be post-abortive, our support group (name…Renew?) might be right for you.  If you are interested in joining this fellowship opportunity, please email HEART and one of our facilitators will be in touch about the current scheduling of the group.

Meeting Weekly or Meeting Monthly

Can you fit in a weekly session or do you need to consider once a month?  Maybe you would prefer to work through one of these studies independently, but have a monthly meeting with a facilitator to review and process the journey at some regular intervals. Or maybe you’d like to gather with a group of women who are walking through a similar journey on a weekly basis to remind yourself that you are not alone. We can accommodate many options! Please reach out and chat with someone on our team to find the best fit.

Other Options to Consider

We are honored that you would consider making us a part of your healing journey.  This is your story and we honor the fact that it’s an incredibly personal one.  If you don’t feel like one of these options would meet your needs, please review and consider one of these other resources.

Her Choice to Heal

Support After Abortion

In addition, we are specially trained on curriculum related to past abortion decisions.  Even if you have a past abortion, but are looking for counseling that will address other areas of your life and emotional health, please feel free to consider one of these other local counselors. If you are uncertain, give us a call and we can help in talking through all of the options.

Isaiah 61 Ministries

Thrive2Heal Services

HEART Info Request Form

“I feel like a weight has been lifted. I’ve been carrying around all this unforgiveness and this grudge against myself, but now I’m free of it.”

– from a recent HEART participant